Indian Army JAG Entry Scheme 31st Course Recruitment 2023

Indian Army JAG Entry Recruitment 2023

Indian Army JAG Entry Recruitment 2023

Unmarried male and female law graduates in their twenties who are interested in applying for Indian Army JAG Entry Recruitment 2023 a Short Service Commission in the Judge Advocate General Branch of the Indian Army are encouraged to do so. Applications will be accepted until April 15, 2019.

Educational Qualification

Minimum cumulative grade point average of 55% in their LLB test (three years of professional experience after graduation or five years after 10 plus 2 education). In addition, the CLAT PG Score from the year before is required of all applicants (both candidates who have already earned their LLM degree and candidates who will be presenting for their LLM degree) who apply for courses that will begin in a certain year. Candidates need to demonstrate that they meet the requirements to get registered as advocates with the Bar Council of India or the relevant state. The candidate must have graduated from a college or university that has been approved by the Bar Council of India. Only those candidates who are holding LLB degree and Marksheet are eligible to apply for this course p

Age Limit

21 to 27 years old as of July 1, 2023 (born between July 2, 1996 and July 1, 2002 inclusively; both dates included).

Note: It is important for applicants to keep in mind that the date of birth that is listed on the Matriculation/Secondary School Examination Certificate or an equivalent certificate on the date that applications are due is the only one that will be accepted, and no requests for a change in this date will be considered or granted in the future.

Tenure of Engagement

A Short Service Commission will be awarded to both male and female applicants serving in the regular Army for a total of 14 years, with the first term lasting 10 years and the second period lasting 4 years after that. Officers, both male and female, who are willing to continue to serve in the Indian Army after the expiration of the period of ten years of their Short Service Commission may, if they are eligible and suitable in all respects, be considered for the grant of Permanent Commission (PC) in the 10th year of their Short Service Commission in accordance with the relevant policies as they are issued from time to time. This is done in accordance with the relevant policies as they are issued from time to time. Those SSC officers (male and female) who are not selected for the grant of PC but are otherwise considered fit and suitable will be given the option to continue serving as SSCOs for a total period of 14 years (including the initial tenure of 10 years), at the end of which they will be released from the Indian Armed Forces. This option will be made available to those SSC officers regardless of whether or not they are selected for the grant of PC.

Period of Probation

The day when an officer earns his or her commission marks the beginning of the probationary term that lasts for a total of six months. It is possible for his or her services to be terminated at any moment, either before or after the completion of the probationary period, if it is determined that he or she is not appropriate to keep their commission while they are still in the probationary period.

Termination of Commission

An officer who is awarded a Short Service Commission will be required to serve for 10 years, but the Government of India has the right to cancel his or her Commission at any time for the following reasons:

I If he or she is determined to have engaged in improper behaviour, their services may be deemed unsatisfactory, or

(ii) In the event that it is determined that the individual is medically unfit, or

(iii) If the need for his or her services is no longer present, or

(iv) If they don’t meet the requirements for any of the required tests or classes.

(v) If an officer wishes to resign his commission for compassionate reasons, they must give the Government of India three months’ notice before doing so. The Government of India shall be the only judge in this matter. An official who is given the authority to resign from their position.


Indian Army JAG Entry Recruitment 2023 Officers will spend a total of 49 weeks in training at the Officers Training Academy (OTA) in Chennai.

(a) Selected applicants would be detailed for Pre-Commission training at OTA, Chennai according to their position in the final order of merit, up to the number of available vacancies, provided that they fulfil all of the qualifying conditions. This is subject to the availability of vacancies.

(b) During the time that the candidate is in training, he or she will not be permitted to be married, nor will he or she be permitted to reside with their parents or guardians. Candidates are not allowed to get married until after they have finished their whole training at OTA. If a candidate gets married after the date of his or her application, even if they pass the SSB interview and the medical test, they will not be eligible for training even if they are otherwise qualified. If a candidate gets married while they are in training, they will be kicked out of the programme and have to repay the government for any money that was spent on them while they were candidates.

(c) The University of Madras shall bestow a “Post Graduate Diploma in Defence Management and Strategic Studies” upon any and all students who are successful in completing their Pre-Commission course at the Officer Training Academy in Chennai.

Cost of Training

The United States Government bears the cost of OTA’s instruction in its whole. In the event that the Lady or Gentlemen cadet is withdrawn from training academy for reasons other than medical grounds or the reasons that are not beyond his or her control, he or she will be responsible for refunding the cost of training at Rs. 15,055/- (as of 2022) and as notified from time to time per week (for the period of candidate’s stay at the Officers Training Academy, Chennai/Cadet Training Wing).

How to Apply For Indian Army JAG Entry Scheme 31st Course

  • Indian Army JAG Entry Recruitment 2023 Applications will only be accepted via the website, which must be visited in order to be processed.
  • Click on the link that says “Officer Entry Application/Login.” and
  • After that, choose the “Registration” tab. (Registration is not necessary if you have previously done so on the website located at
  • After reading the instructions thoroughly, you may begin filling out the online registration form. After you have registered, go to the Dashboard and choose the “Apply Online” option. There will be a page that opens up titled “Officers Selection – Eligibility.”
  • The next step is to choose the “Apply” button that is shown next to the Short Service Commission JAG Entry Course. There will be a page titled “Application Form” that opens. Carefully read the instructions, then choose “Continue” to proceed to filling out the data necessary for the different sections of the form. Personal information, information about communication, information regarding education, and information regarding any past SSBs Click “Save and Continue” at the end of each section before moving on to the next one.
  • After completing the information required for the last section, you will be sent to a page titled “Summary of your information,” where you will be able to review and make changes to the entries that have already been completed. Do not click the “Submit” button until you have confirmed that all of your information is accurate.
  • Candidates are required to click on the “Submit” button whenever they access the application of Indian Army JAG Entry Recruitment 2023 in order to make any changes to the data. The applicants are expected to print off two copies of their application, each of which must include their Roll Number, thirty minutes after the online application period has officially ended on the last day.

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