Indian Army JAG Entry Scheme Result 2023

Indian Army JAG Entry Scheme Result 2023

Indian Army JAG Entry Scheme Result 2023

Indian Army JAG Entry Scheme Result 2023 Declared on its official website

Selection Procedure. The selection procedure is as follows:-

(a) Shortlisting of Applications :The Integrated Headquarters of the Ministry of Defense (Army) retains the power to select applications but is not required to provide a justification for this decision. The applicants’ emails will be used to inform them of the Centre allocation after the applications have been culled down to a select few. After the applicants have been assigned a Selection Center, they will need to log in to the website in order to choose the dates for their SSB interviews. These dates will initially be made available on a “first come, first serve” basis. Following that, the Selection Centres will decide how to distribute it. In the event that any extraordinary scenario or incident takes place, it is possible that applicants will no longer have the ability to pick the dates for their SSB interviews.

(b) The SSB interview would be conducted in Selection Centres in Allahabad (Uttar Pradesh), Bhopal (Madhya Pradesh), Bangalore (Karnataka), and Kapurthala only with the selected eligible applicants (PB). The relevant Selection Center will only send the call up letter for the SSB interview to the candidate’s registered e-mail address and SMS number. It is up to the Directorate General of Recruiting, IHQ of the Ministry of Defense (Army), to decide where the Selection Centre will be located, and no requests for revisions will be considered in this respect.

(c) The selection process will consist of two separate stages for the candidates. Those who are successful in Stage I will go on to Stage II. Those who are unsuccessful in stage I will be brought back on the same day. The SSB interview lasts for a total of five days, and the official website of the Directorate General of Recruiting, which can be found at, has further information on the process. After this, those applicants who have been recommended from Stage II will go to the next step, which is a medical exam.

(d) Candidates who have been recommended by the SSB and who have been pronounced medically fit will be granted joining letters for training in the order of merit, based on the number of openings that are currently available. This is subject to the candidate satisfying all eligibility requirements.

Medical Examination

Please visit in order to get information on the Medical Standards and Procedures of Medical Examination for Officers Entry into the Indian Army. Note that the proceedings of the Medical Board are secret and will not be shared with anyone else under any circumstances. The Directorate General of Recruiting does not have any part to play in any medical boards, and the method that is recommended by the medical authorities will be followed to very closely.

Merit List

  • It is important to keep in mind that just qualifying for the SSB interview does not assure that you will be selected. the ultimate choice. The candidate’s performance in the SSB interview will be considered when compiling the merit list, which will be based on the candidate’s total score. In the event that more than one applicant receives the same number of points during the SSB interview, the candidate or candidates who are older shall be given priority in the merit ranking. In the event that the SSB marks and ages of more than one applicant are identical, the candidate (or candidates) who received a greater percentage of marks in the qualifying examination shall be put higher in the merit. Qualifications such as higher education, prior performance, and the like do not matter in any way. Those individuals who are found on the merit list, who fall within the allotted number of vacancies, and who demonstrate that they are physically and mentally capable will be given joining letters for PreCommissioning training at the OTA in Chennai, provided that they satisfy all of the eligibility requirements.
  •  Upon entering the Indian Army, a new recruit will have some Personal Restrictions in Service placed on them. in line with Article 33 of the Constitution of India as it was subsequently proclaimed in the Army Act and Army Rules should be followed on occasion.Indian Army JAG Entry Scheme Result 2023 Declared on its official website

Change of Interview Date/ Centre. Request for change of SSB interview date/centre will NOT be entertained or replied.


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