Nimcet Syllabus pdf

Nimcet Syllabus Pdf 2023

Nimcet Syllabus pdf 2023

Nimcet Syllabus pdf 2023: You are going to receive information on all of the topics that are covered on the Nimcet Exam here in this page. These subjects include Mathematics, English and Hindi. how we prepare applicants for their tests by providing them with some ideas on how to study for competitions and also what questions will be asked in this exam. how we prepare candidates for their examinations.

The Nimcet Exam is India’s most comprehensive online educational resource.

The National Institute of Technology Raipur will only make the NIMCET 2023 syllabus available in an online format when it is released. The NIMCET curriculum can be viewed in its entirety on the official website, which will also be made available to candidates here on this page.


NIMCET Syllabus 2023


Number of Questions





Analytical Ability & Logical Reasoning



General English



Computer Awareness






The NIMCET syllabus 2023 includes subjects that will be tested on during the examination. The published curriculum is the sole resource that can be used for preparation for the NIMCET 2023. Along with the syllabus, the NIMCET exam pattern is also supplied to the candidates in this section. The application form for the NIMCET 2023 will be made available on the official website very shortly. Candidates are required to take the NIMCET in order to be considered for admission into MCA programmes offered by NITs. To assist candidates in their preparation for the examination, this page contains both the NIMCET syllabus 2023 and the examination format.

Nimcet Syllabus pdf 2023

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NIMCET Exam Pattern 2023


List of Topics

General English

Basic English Grammar

Word Power



Meaning of words and phrases

Technical Writing

Synonyms and Antonyms

Analytical Ability and Logical Reasoning

Logical situation and questions based on the facts given in the passage






Set Theory

Coordinate Geometry

Probability and Statistics

Computer Awareness

Data Representation

Computer Basics


Which is the best book to prepare for the NIMCET?

NIMCET exams is divided into 4 sections

  • Mathematics
  • Reasoning
  • Computer
  • English.




  • RS Aggrawal ( quantitative analysis)
  • Abhijit Guha


  • Computer fundamentals ( PK SINHA)



The NIT MCA Common Entrance Test, also known as the NIM-CET, is an examination that is given by the National Institute of Technology to prospective students who are interested in enrolling in MCA programmes offered by any of the 11 NITs. On their official website, the notice has been made public now that it is official.

Because of the large number of applicants who take the test each year—nearly 25,000—the level of competition is rather high. Candidates need a plan for preparing for the test as well as an adequate number of study material in order to be successful in passing the exam.

Which book to pick?

  • Candidates must choose from thousands of books to prepare. Before purchasing preparatory books, candidates should consider the following:
  • Candidates must use the newest book edition. Because if the official conducting body changes the paper format or curriculum, the current version would too.
  • Preparation books abound, but not all are good. Candidates should always choose popular books since they’ve helped other candidates.
  • Next, check the curriculum while purchasing a reference book. Your book should cover the whole course. Candidates should verify this before buying a book as not all cover the whole course.
  • Candidates must also ensure that the books include prior year papers to practise the subject.
    Finally, applicants must review the book’s content to make sure it covers all the relevant aspects.

Nimcet Syllabus pdf 2023

How to  prepare for nimcet?

Mathematical Reasoning and Quantitative Reasoning (240 points) Computer and English Language (80 points each) Mathematical Reasoning and Quantitative Reasoning (600 points)

I’ll propose that you concentrate on reading only one book, whether it’s Arihant, RD, or self scoring… If you have less than a year to prepare, then take the Arihant exam; otherwise, take the rd exam.

I am going to make a schedule for the next year.

  • Make it a goal to finish the most essential subjects, such as algebra, probability, trigonometry, vector, and calculus, within the next six months, and attempt to get at least 70 percent of your reasoning correct.
  • After that period of time, put your attention on taking exams and identifying your strong and weak parts. When taking exams, you should make an effort to determine which categories of questions and subjects cause you to provide the incorrect answers and which ones need you to spend the most time on, and then you should work on learning the concepts and increasing your speed.
  • You are progressing in the correct direction if you are receiving grades of 500 or above on your exams… If not, you have some work to do on yourself.

Nimcet Syllabus pdf 2023

How to Apply for NIMCET Exam 2023?

You may get a general understanding of how the application process works by taking a look at the stages that are outlined below.

The first step is to register.

Step 1: Go to, which is the address of the examination board’s official website. You will be sent to the homepage of the website.

Step 2: You will see the Registration window once you get there. Simply follow the link provided, then enter your Email ID and Phone Number to complete the registration.

Step 3: Your email address will be provided a link to the password when it has been generated. You are free to put your password up in accordance with the requirements.

Step 4: when you have finished answering the questions in the security questionnaire.

Step 5: You will now be sent back to the application homepage after this short break.

Step 6: After that, you will need to sign in once again to the website and then choose the registration form to complete.

Step 7: Complete the form with the right information, including your personal information and academic background.

Step 8: Check that the documents are in the correct format, and then upload them as directed. Use the resize tool in Testbook to make changes to your documents.

Step 9: After careful review of the form, proceed to click the “submit” button.

Step 10: Continue with the Payment option and pay the necessary charge, which cannot be refunded.

Step 11: Any updates pertaining to the 2023 cycle will be implemented shortly as the formal announcement has been made public.

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